“In the last six years I have suffered two skiing related injuries, completely tearing my ACL in each knee. The first time was more traumatic since it was new and little scary. Dr. Marc Fineberg took the time to put me at ease by fully discussing my options, both surgical and non-surgical, and the recovery with me. In February 2009, he reconstructed my right ACL, taking the time during surgery to give me as minimal scarring as possible. Post-surgery, he and his team saw me through my recovery and in six months’ time I was 100% and pain free. I am an avid runner and was pleased to return to the sport I loved. In an effort to take better care of my knees, I started cross training, biking and swimming. Thanks to my ACL surgery and the full confidence Dr. Fineberg gave me in my repaired knee, I am now a Triathlete. I was also able to return to skiing without any need for a brace or other support devices. Unfortunately, after six years I got a little over confident with my skiing and ended up tearing my other ACL. Without hesitation, I called Dr. Fineberg again. Dr. Fineberg explained that there had been some advancement in the procedures for performing the surgery since he saw me last and again fully explained my options. In March of 2015, he reconstructed my left ACL using the most recent, state of the art techniques. I am pleased to say that this recovery was even better than the last. I am again back to 100% and pain free. I am able to fully perform my daily functions both at home and work without limitation and I have returned to running, biking, swimming, sailing and yoga. I am sure that I will ski again, just a little more cautiously.

My experience with Dr. Fineberg and UB Orthopedics has been extremely positive. The front office is efficient, professional and considerate of my time as a patient. Dr. Fineberg, his PA Greg Burkhard and his Administrative Assistant MaryJo, take a personal interest in their patients and are responsive to patient concerns and questions. It was also very convenient and comfortable to be able to have my X-rays and MRI performed on site in the UB Orthopedics Office. Dr. Fineberg prides himself on providing innovative, comprehensive and personalized care designed to return his patients to their desired level of functioning. He has done that for me twice and I will be forever grateful.”

S.E. Buffalo, New York

“Dear Dr. Fineberg, The practice you’ve established is extremely impressive, exceptionally professional and very knowledgeable, specifically in the field of orthopedics. The PA’s you’ve brought on board have credentials and experience one can dream about. It doesn’t stop there, however, and I would remiss by not mentioning the glue that bines this organization together and that would be the nurses, technicians and specifically the administrative staff.  You’re an exceptional orthopedic surgeon. Your great personality coupled with your dedication and diversity makes you the number one draft pick in all fields. You take the times to explain the complicated procedures that you’re going to preform on patients that all non-medical personnel can understand. There is no limit to what you won’t tackle.”

L.S. Lackawanna, NY

“Dr. Fineberg performed reconstructive ACL surgery on both of my knees. I just wanted to express my gratitude since my knees are still doing very well. I am grateful for having such a great surgeon repair both of my knees.”

E.R. Buffalo, New York

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent service we received at UB Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. One of our basketball players suffered a knee injury just before our Regional Playoffs. Dr. Fineberg’s staff swiftly got us an appointment the next day and, with truly exceptional service, secured our MRI scan at another local office – to overcome the fact their own MRI machine was booked by other patients.

Beyond his excellent care and expertise, Dr. Fineberg took the time to contact our player that night with the results of her scan. With great appreciation, I can assure you that if GCC has further sports medicine needs we will be choosing Dr. Fineberg and UB Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.”

Eric M. SandlerHead Athletic Trainer – Genesee Community College

“I saw Dr. Fineberg to evaluate my knee after a patella tendon rupture repair. He was kind, caring and very straight forth in his evaluation. He told me that to make my knee feel better, I needed to get on the bike and start riding. He shared his passion for exercise with me, and as a result I lost 45 pounds in four months and my knee feels great!  Thanks so much for your encouraging words and helping me in my recovery!”

J.G. Horseheads, New York



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