Dr. Fineberg Awarded Buffalo Spree Top Doc 2016


UBMD Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is honored to have sixteen of our physicians named “Top Docs” for 2016 as chosen by their peers. Congratulations Dr. Marc Fineberg!

Sixteen more reasons to choose UBMD Orthopedics & Sports Medicine!

Robert H. Ablove MD

Mark J. Anders MD

Leslie J. Bisson MD

James J. Czyrny MD

Michael R. Ferrick MD

Marc S. Fineberg MD

Robert D. Galpin MD

John J. Leddy MD

John M. Marzo MD

Brian E. McGrath MD

Matthew J. Phillips MD

Sridhar R. Rachala MD

Bernhard J Rohrbacher MD

Robert J. Smolinski MD

Philip M. Stegemann MD

William M Wind Jr. MD


See entire Top Doc list in the January issue of Buffalo Spree Magazine.

finebergadminDr. Fineberg Awarded Buffalo Spree Top Doc 2016